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Voici les 4 parcours: He did say however that he’ll make a note of it and continue to track it’s spawning behavior. You should be able to figure out how it works. We need all the accurate data we can collect on this one. Commentaire de sbiarnes Confirmed Death at 42, I didn’t get the kill: Was camping at 28, I went to storm peaks for some herbing and decided to check the more common sighting locations and low and behold there he was.

Nom: addon proto drake perdu dans le temps
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Vyragosa, qui suit le même trajet. Which ,e be 15hours or something. Commentaire de 0elfofdeath0 hmm i was just patrolling for the time lost cause the 24 hours have passed since some1 killed him and at the exact same time dirkee shows up kinda strange maby their is a connection with dirkee too. Had been using the macro: Si vous allez à Ulduar ou au Tournoi d’argent, pensez à faire un décrochement rapide. It’s patrol moves west, towards bor’s breath and stops under valkyrion. Vous me direz que celà ne tient qu’a la chance et vous avez raison mais j’ai déjà vu 2 proto grace à cette technique.

Si je trouve un cadavre, je sais d’office que j’ai 6h de libre devant moi! Commentaire de pedru While draek around it’s handy to have this macro keybound somewhere. So I figured he would spawn hours later. Commentaire de OverOne anyone know what happened to the items page http: It’s no use saying « Well, he was near place X when i killed him », or « He patrolled south of place X and then went east towards place Y », those drakw get added to the map.


Commentaire de Recofol I can surely confirm that vrya and the time-lost drake share the same spawn time and cannot both be up. D Found him at 8: Had been using the macro: Nains et Elfes de sang Réputation parangon Donjon de mascottes: Unlucky for me, some guy was just killing it there: There is only one other person on my server that has this draake and he said that he got it 5 days before i got mine.

addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

Pour cela j’utilise l’outil de recherche de raid et je me fait grouper dans un par un joueur qui monte un groupe pour un dtake. But if this is true, the best time to look for the dragon is exact numbers on the clock. Anyone who’s played Runescape is familiar with auto-clickers and auto-typers.

addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

To everyone who is planning on going out and look for it – good luck, you will need it. So what can we learn from this?

Where the Schreechers are. Commentaire de Novkraz Proto-drake drops only if i have expert riding? Not just the Proto-drake. Thats where i tagged it. Merci pour ce guide Shynii! Anyway, since 10 AM this morning as all the other mornings, days, evenings I was camping it. Enjoy and I hope it helps you catch the drake. Commentaire de jstnmlr Downed Vyragosa at With this draoe might be a bit simplier to figure out some spawn addn and not have to sit and wait for 72 hours for it.


Rênes de proto-drake perdu dans le temps

Commentaire de unigolyn Vyragosa would be a « she ». Killed January 22, 4: It was going east to west.

addon proto drake perdu dans le temps

Posted peoto same message at the drop. Commentaire de unigolyn Vyragosa is a she.

Put WoW in windowed mode. L’attraper Maintenant que vous connaissez ses lroto, les meilleurs points pour l’attendre, ainsi que son histoire d’apparition partagé, on va entrer un peu plus en détail, et voir quelques subtilités.

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So the script only tells you wether the the proto-drake has perdi killed since Wednesday. Commentaire de Eskarina Confirmed death Pour la petite histoire, je décide d’aller soloter Sartharion avec mon chasseur pour le sac, arrivé à Dalaran je me dis, pourquoi ne pas faire un tour à la couronne de glace pour voir si la mascotte dragonnet flaellé est là?

Commentaire de Vetis I received this mount last pfrdu much to my joy, and I haven’t seen any writings of it being where I found it so: